Recording 1 The full list of recordings with their cast is:
First Workshop – monologue
Recording 1- Herald, from Aeschylus’ Agamemnon – Richard Brindley
Recording 2 Recording 2 - Hippolytus (with Nurse), from Euripides’ Hippolytus – in two versions, by David Johnson and then Dan Smith (with Lizzie Southall as the Nurse)
Recording 3 Second Workshop - dialogue
Recording 3- Clytemnestra and Electra, from Sophocles’ Electra – Olivia Bussey and Lizzie Southall
Recording 4 Recording 4 - Hermione and Andromache, from Euripides’ Andromache – Kate Rayner and Beth Kennedy
Recording 5 Third Workshop – three-actor scenes
Recording 5- Deianira, Lichas, Old Man, from Sophocles’ Young Women of Trachis – Jess Philips, Joe McDonnell, Martin Harvey. The actor playing Iole is masked.
Recording 6 Fourth Workshop – properties
Recording 6- Medea, from Euripides’ Medea – Kate Rayner
Recording 7 Recording 7- Hecuba, from Euripides’ Trojan Women – Jess Philips
Recording 8 Recording 8- Orestes and Electra (with Pylades), from Sophocles’ Electra – Richard Brindley and Kate Rayner (with Joe McDonnell as Pylades)
Recording 9 Additional scene
Recording 9- Oedipus and Jocasta, in a dialogue from Sophocles’ Oedipus the King – Joe McDonnell and Penny Simons. This scene does not form part of the discussions in the book.

The role of a chorus member, as a point of reference for the speaking characters, is taken in some of the scenes by actors from this list.

The mask of Iole in the scene from Young Women of Trachis (Recording 5) was made by Teresa Rodrigues.

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