Acting Greek Tragedy

Recording 5 - Deianira, Lichas, Old Man, from Sophocles’ Young Women of Trachis – Jess Philips, Joe McDonnell, Martin Harvey. The actor playing Iole is masked.

This long, three-actor scene comes in three parts, and the recording shows the final section of the first part, and what follows. Deianira, wife of Heracles, has worried about his long absence, but is initially re-assured by the arrival of the herald, Lichas, sent by Heracles, who brings unidentified captives with him. But an Old Man, who had earlier brought news of the return of the herald, then makes a declaration to Deianira that turns her world upside down, and leads subsequently to her interrogating the herald Lichas, with the intervention of the Old Man, and finding out the truth.

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