Acting Greek Tragedy
by Graham Ley

Published by University of Exeter Press


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University of Exeter PressWelcome to the on-line home of the book, Acting Greek Tragedy, which is published by University of Exeter Press

The book is written by Graham Ley, who is a specialist in the performance of Greek tragedy, and who leads workshops at the University of Exeter. Those workshops have formed the basis for the book, which now makes his approach available to a wider public.

The book has an introduction to the general approach, and then deals in four successive workshops with monologue, dialogue, three-actor-scenes and scenes involving properties. Each chapter gives detailed discussions of powerful scenes selected from the tragedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, helping the actor or director to get to grips with the script, and to develop a method of preparing work for performance.

This site contains nine recordings, of scenes chosen from each of the four workshops: so there are two recordings here that illustrate monologues (numbers 1 & 2), two dialogues (3 & 4), one three-actor scene (5), and three of scenes involving properties (6, 7, & 8). In addition, there is a final recording (9) of a dialogue scene that is not included for discussion in the book, making nine in total.
The translations used in the recordings are available in the book Acting Greek Tragedy.

Published December 2014